SNS ARTS | About

Siobhan Stanton is a professional photographer and self- taught award winning fine artist. Siobhan specializes in event photography- everything from birthday parties, sweet 16's, bar & bat mitzvah's, to weddings, as well as family portraits. She strives to capture the fun and memorable moments, that truly capture peoples expressions and feelings. Knowing how much effort is put into planning these events, Siobhan documents each part of it, so when you look back on your pictures, you re-live the excitement of the day!

Along with photography, Siobhan also has a strong interest in fine art. After taking several art classes that were mainly centered around still life drawing, Siobhan decided to persue a subject that represented her own passions through art. She sat down one day, after taking pictures of a friend's horse, and within eight hours produced a charcoal drawing which is now one of her most popular at art shows, titled Peso. Art critics have noted that Siobhan's drawing technique makes the subject so realistic that it feels as if it could walk off the page. She continues to pursue her love of drawing animals, while displaying at fine art shows throughout New York State.

If you are interested in booking Siobhan as a photographer, or commissioning her for a fine art charcoal drawing, please visit the contact page and send her an email!